Looking UP

For me, when I look up, metaphorically or physically, I shift my perspective usually into a higher state. Even in despair, looking up is a sign of hope, of pleading, and of throwing out our questions into the limitless skies, if only to cry out, “Why?”.  If I look often enough (and I do), answers will be revealed in a cloud, in a breeze, in the sunlight, in the movement of leaves, or in the dark, starry and moonlit nights. It is usually in the vastness of the skies that I hear a soft whisper telling me everything will be ok.  Even just this morning during carpool, the clouds were magical. I could feel my entire being become elevated, more joyous, and free. Even in Atlanta traffic. More often than not, looking up offers me gratitude and it allows me to be more present and makes me feel connected to something larger. What do you notice?

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