“But still the days seem the same”



“……I watch the ripples change their size- But never leave the stream- Of warm impermanence -and So the days float through my eyes -But still the days seem the same….” david bowie

January 11, 2016
Another day, another Monday. I awake in the same bed as I’ve had for years, next to the same man, in the same room, in the same house, in the same city, state, country and if complacent, I would feel the drudgery of sameness. I struggle with the mundane, and with routine and with what appears to be a lack of variety and an indistinguishable monotony. I say struggle because I crave adventure, enthusiasm for newness and I crave that sensation of boldness and excitement that comes from the unknown and serendipitous encounters. However, it is in this craving and desire that I am able to cultivate and bring to life the adventure and newness into any moment that I deem necessary. Sometimes, when I awake in pain and/or that drudgery hits me (I am not and never have been one to wake up with an automatic sunny disposition), I truly wake up just a little more to be aware of the miracle of the next breath. That shifts my perspective tremendously because I realize the gift in that very breath. It’s a very conscious breath. That is what it comes down to for me sometimes. And, from that breath, I am able to watch the ripples change their size and never leave the stream, I am able to watch the impermanence of life and the arising and passing away of everything (including that very next breath) and I am able to watch the days float through my eye and although the days seem the same, they are not. Every moment is new. Every moment we get to re-calibrate if we want to and choose from there. I am grateful for the incredible and beautiful, creative genius and contribution David Bowie brought to so many. And, I am grateful for being able to see the gift in the mundane and to be able to shift an otherwise common moment into the miracle it really is.

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